VELD. is a Brussels based design studio focusing on the work field between architecture and urbanism.

work field

VELD. develops architectural design proposals strengthened by an urban approach towards architecture.

VELD. develops urban strategies understanding building processes, technical requirements and economic realities on an architectural scale level.


VELD. believes in a context specific approach to design. We want to deliver authentic projects, reinforcing the identity of, and responding to,

context and environment.

Our design proposals are driven by context specific qualities, constraints and needs, different for every field of intervention. Fieldwork is our

starting point.

open space

VELD. designs urban strategies and architecture that aim to reinforce the quality of the open space within and between built structures, rather

than focusing on the design of architectural forms or objects itself.

research by design

VELD. uses the design process to develop knowledge and to guide the different stakeholders towards consensus.

We aim to translate the realities and needs of a specific site into qualities an opportunities through design.